UROC Volunteer Sign Up

The UNM Undergraduate Research Opportunity Conference (UROC) will be held virtually on April 15, 2021. We are seeking volunteers to help as reviewers/judges. This event has been planned and sponsored by various programs, departments, and colleges in order to promote and showcase the UNM undergraduate research activities. To make this event successful, we need YOU. We would greatly appreciate your demonstration of support to us and our students through your participation in this event.

The UROC provides three presentation types – Oral Presentation, Poster Presentation, and UROC180 (180 seconds presentation)

The volunteer activities include:

  • Reviewing 3 or 6 pre-recorded oral presentations and providing feedback by using the UROC Evaluation Form between April 15 and April 20
  • Reviewing 3 or 6 uploaded poster, participating Zoom Live Q&A on the day of UROC (April 15), and filling out the UROC Evaluation Form by April 20
  • Reviewing up to 10 pre-recorded UROC180 presentations and filling out the UROC Evaluation Form between April 15 and April 20

Please fill out the UROC Volunteer Sign-Up Form.

UROC Goals:

  • Provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to present their research projects in and outside of classroom/lab
  • Create the opportunities for undergraduate students to network with faculty, graduate students, and greater UNM community.
  • Showcase the undergraduate research to UNM communities including donors, policy makers, local business and industries, etc.