Poster Presentation

Poster presentations are large, printed (36" x 48") representations of your research project that you will prepare a 3-5 minute description for anyone (faculty, staff, graduate student reviewers as well as general UNM community members) who visits your poster.

  • The poster sessions will be held on the bottom floor of the SUB in the atrium.
  • Please note that printed poster dimensions should be as follows:
    36” tall x 48” wide - Landscape Orientation Only


Other resources to help you with poster design and development:

Need help paying to print your poster?

If you are part of a research program, please first check with them if they have resources to help you print. If you are a student in the Honors college, you may email to arrange poster printing. Lastly, some departments (e.g., BIology) have poster printers for students and faculty to print research posters; please check if your department has a printer you may use.

If none of those above apply to you, and you need help paying to print your poster, please submit this application by March 29th if you would like to be considered for funding. Funding is limited and submitting this application does not guarantee that you will receive funding for poster printing.