UROC Committee & Sponsors

UROC Committee

Laura Crossey, Earth & Planetary Sciences

Tim Gutierrez, Associate Vice President for Student Services

Tara Hackel, Research Education Office, UNMH

Sarita Cargas, Honors College, UROC Co-Chair

Jennifer Chamberlin Payne, McNair/ROP program

Mary Jo Daniel, Associate Vice President for Research

Diane Marshall, Interim Dean of Honors College

Alejandro Mendiaz-Rivera, El Centro de la Raza

Cindy Pierard, College of University Libraries & Learning Sciences

Andrew Rowland, Population Health

Yadéeh E. Sawyer, Engineering Student Success Center

Tim Schroeder, UNM Grand Challenges Initiative

Kiyoko Simmons, Honors College, UROC Co-Chair

UROC Sponsors:

Honors College

Student Affairs

Office of Vice President for Research

College of Arts & Sciences

School of Engineering

IT Academic Technologies

University Libraries