The UROC180 Competition, like an elevator pitch, challenges you to present your research in just 180 seconds to the general audience with no background in your research area. The top 3 winners will receive scholarships ($500 1st prize, $300 2nd prize, & $200 3rd prize). 

During the conference, UROC 180 presenters are assigned to one of two heats. The judges will select the top presenters from each heat who will compete at the UROC 180 FINAL at 2:50 pm on that day. The UROC180 Competition is only open to individual presenters, not teams of presenters.

UROC 180 presentation must be made in 3 minutes or less. Exceeding 3 minutes will result in deduction of points. The facilitator will keep time. There is no visual aid in the room, so do not plan to use PowerPoint, video or other media. Please dress professionally (business or business casual). Please be sure to invite your mentors, family, and friends.

To sign up for the UROC 180 Competition, complete the Abstract Submission Form by February 28.  Presenters will receive additional instructions shortly after submitting their abstracts.