Research Story

Communicating the story behind a research project helps others to better understand the context of your research, and to see the journey you took in formulating and implementing your project.  We invite you to create a video, webpage or essay that describes your research journey.  Your research story should be created for the general public, and may include a narrative account of the following elements (at your discretion).  Your story may include video, pictures, text or other media.  Please do not use copyrighted content unless you have permission in writing from the copyright owner.

  • Your Research Project: What was your research question?  Briefly describe the design of your research project.
  • Your Path to Research: What previous experiences prepared you to conduct your research? Who was influential in helping you design and implement your project?  Who was most supportive of your research? Were you a part of any research program at UNM (e.g., McNair/ROP, MARC, El Puente, etc.) and how did that shape your path to research?
  • Designing Your Project: How did you decide on your research project or question? Why do you feel your research is important?  Who will most benefit from your research?
  • Research Outcomes: What were the findings from your research? What are the implications for these findings?  How did you share these findings with others?
  • Personal Outcomes: How did this project change you?  What did you learn about yourself or your future from conducting this research? What would you do differently if you were to conduct this research again?
  • Peer Outcomes: What advice would you give to other undergraduate researchers who are just starting out on their journey?

There are no time or page limits to your story.  However, keep in mind that your story should be directed to the general public, and not to other researchers.  The top story will receive a $250 cash prize. 

  • Complete the Abstract Submission Form by February 28.
  • Once you submit your abstract, you will be contacted by a UNM faculty or staff mentor to schedule a one-on-meeting with you.  At this meeting, your mentor will help you think through and plan your project, and will answer any questions about the competition.
  • Your completed story will be due by March 28.
  • Judges will review all stories during the following two weeks. The winner will be announced at the UROC Closing & Awards Ceremony at 3:45 pm on April 7. You do not need to be present to win.
  • The winning story, and a few honorable mention stories, will be posted on the UROC website for one year.