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Poster Presentation Schedule

Students will display their research in poster format and engage with conference attendees and judges.  Posters left behind will be available for pick-up at the Honors College front office (lower level of the Student Health & Counseling) after the conference date.

 SUB Ballroom C: Presentations 1 & 2 Setup is from 9:15am-9:30am

Poster Space Assignment # / Student Name/ Abstract Title

1 Angeles Castorena: Second Generation American Students Experiences in College: Does First Generation Mater? 

3 Angelina Escajeda: Examining the Effect of Citizenship on State Sentencing in Pennsylvania 

5 Bianca Serda: Silica Sol-Gel Encapsulation Effects on Photosynthesis Rates in Chlorella sorokiniana Using a Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer (MIMS)

7 Brendon Gray: Fewer Guns, Less Suicide 

9 Butheina Ghweir: Relationship between prenatal alcohol exposure and connectivity in the Default Mode Network in young people

11 Jesus Vazquez: Household Waste Management Effects on Health and Behavior: A Case Study of Siddharthanagar

13 Christopher Leap: Analyzing How Different Combinations of Musical Features Affect the Accuracy of Automatic Music Genre Classification

15 Constance Perez: The relationship between Military Related Sexual Trauma (MST) and Mental health disorders

17 Danielle Parsons: Chemically Induced Dimerization: Using Chemical Methods to Solve Biological Problems 

19 Gavin Gonzales: The Synthesis amd Characterization of Colloidal Znte/ZnSe Quantum Dots

21 Gemma Strong: Scaled Experiment Investigating Sonomechanically Enhanced Inert Gas Sparging Mass Transfer

23 Grace Medwetz: Which is Truly Safer: Organic or GMO?

25 Jeremy Sena: Indigenous Education in the Southwest : 21st Century v. 20th Century 

27 Jessica Marrello: Should everyone be on a gluten free diet? 

29 Keoni Baty: Optimization of therapeutic lipid-coated mesoporous silica nanoparticle vaccines

31 Lexxus Salazar: The Relationship Between Declared College Major and Masculine Ideology

33 Megan Vigil: Chronic Diseases as a Result of Nutritional Patterns 

35 Michael Stager: Rational Design of Genetically Engineered, Gold and Cell-Binding Polypeptides for Fabricating Thermoresponsive Cell Culture Substrates

37 Natalie Yonemoto:  The Future of Irrigation in New Mexico

39 Richard Romero: Individual Regression Analysis of Relative and Absolute White Blood Cell Counts in Sin Nombre virus Patients

41 Serena Asfan:  Rac1 Overexpression Changes Cell Growth and Morphology in Ovarian Cancer Cell Lines

43 Shelby Zubia: Language Acquisition in Native American Pueblos 

45 Nainika Ravichandran: Eating Disorder Awareness Among College Students

Poster Space Assignment # / Student Name/ Abstract Title

2 Antoine Vial: Legalization of assisted suicide

4 Ashley Ridoutt: Anterior cingulate glutamate-glutamine and auditory verbal hallucinations in schizophrenia: A magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) study

6 Benjamin McDonald: Texting and Driving

8 Brittany Humphrey: The effect of gluten-degrading enzymes on diarrhea and abdominal pain in adults (>18 years) diagnosed with celiac disease

12 Devan Eaton: The Cost of Private Prisons 

14 Dylan Brown: Light and Dark Antimicrobial Activity of Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Derivatives

16 Emily Grinage: The Pros and Cons of Fracking on America

18 Estevan Pacheco: "Viaje": The Pursuit of Diversifying UNM Through Flamenco

20 Evelyn Lozano: Impact of early postnatal alcohol exposure on postnatal hippocampal neurogenesis

22 Gabriela Martinez: The Effects of Limestone on Contaminated Water 

24 Jeanette Varela: Predicting Indoor Temperatures from Available Local Weather Data

26 Jennifer Marchand: Should Hate Speech Be Protected Under the First Amendment?

28 Jessica Sipos: Analysis of Health Equity in Tamil Nadu, India

30 Jesus Zavala: Income and health disparities influence the probability of developing diabetes among numerous ethnic groups

32 Mycayla O'Bryan: Senior Seminar

34 Natasa Zera: Are GMOs Safe?

36 Ramda Galo: Radiolytic Ozone Production in Air from Alpha Particles


40 Samantha Urban: Methods of Diagnosing Malnutrition in Pediatric Cancer Patients 

42 Tre Graves: The Green Political Theory of Edward Abbey and Wendell Berry

44 Maximillian Sanchez: Opioid Epidemic: Overprescribing and What Can Be Done

 SUB Ballroom C: Sessions 3 & 4 Setup is from 12:15pm-12:30pm

Poster Space Assignment # / Student Name/ Abstract Title

1 Ana Grijalva:

3 Christopher Bayer

5 Citlalic Sierra

7 Diana Castillo

9 Esmeralda Arreguin-Martinez

11 Guinevere Beard

13 Jason Merriam

15 Jennifer Salas

17 Jose Monclova

19 Justine Keth

21 Kashif Mohammed

23 Mario Ruelas

25 Melissa Madrigal

27 Mercedes Gonzales-Bazan

29 Mische Hubbard

31 Molly Callaghan

33 Niko Martinez

35 Samantha Reynolds

37 Sonia Ramirez

39 Suzanne Kemp

41 Virginia McDaniels

43 Damian Fountain

Poster Space Assignment # / Student Name/ Abstract Title

2 Alexis Velazquez

4 Aline Webb

6 Amanda Marbourg

8 Anand Macherla

10 Angelo Champion

12 Beth Morley

14 Breanne Haskins

16 Brittany Griego

18 Caty Sturgess

20 Derek Olsen

22 Estania Jean Charles

24 Esteban Abeyta

26 Jackeline Martinez

28 Jessica Benally

30 Karishma Patel

32 Kimberly Toddy

34 Maria Salazar

36 Rouzi Guo

38 Sabrina Moore

40 Samantha Gonzales

42 Samuel Brown

44 Sara Asfan